Han University of Traditional Medicine (formerly the Asian Institute of Medical Studies) is an ACAOM-accredited school of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine, Japanese acupuncture, Five Element acupuncture, medical Qigong; and offering an extensive clinic internship. We are located in Tucson, Arizona.

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IMG_0691Mr. Xiaolei (Jonathan) Hu, owner of Han University of Traditional Medicine, and Dr. David Epley, owner of the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ASAOM), are pleased to jointly announce that they have signed an agreement for the purchase of ASAOM by Mr. Hu, subject to approval of the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. No immediate changes are contemplated for ASAOM other than to allow Dr. Epley and his wife, Ms. Jennifer Lan, to look forward to well-deserved retirements after establishing and operating Arizona’s first school of traditional oriental medicine.

Dr. Epley and Mr. Hu will form the core of a transition committee to oversee the transfer of ownership and the gradual merging of operations of Han University and ASAOM with the primary goal to continue ASAOM’s 19-year legacy of excellence in the instruction and practice of traditional oriental medicine. Mr. Hu has announced that he intends to make the transition as smooth as possible for ASAOM students and staff and that he will maintain regular operations and the ASAOM curriculum. No personnel changes are contemplated. Ms. Susan Wagner, ASAOM registrar, and Ms. Jane Meyers, ASAOM Academic Dean, have been appointed to the transition committee, along with Mr. Alex Holland, President of Han University, Rebecca Sobin Academic Dean of Han University, and Ms. Stephanie Xu, spouse of Mr. Hu. Ms. Wagner will be promoted to ASAOM Vice-President and Mr. Holland will serve as interim President of ASAOM.

“We are very proud of what we have created here in Tucson, and this transition will put ASAOM on a sound footing for many years to come. I am happy to leave the school in such capable hands.” said Dr. Epley. “The only real change that our school has to look forward to is the eventual change in location to the excellent new facilities opened by Han University this last year.”

Mr. Hu also announced the creation of the David Epley and Jennifer Lan Scholarship for the Study of Traditional Medicine which will ensure that Dr. Epley and Ms. Lan will always maintain a presence at the school.

Pictured: Jon Hu, Alex and David (presidents of HUTM and ASAOM, respectively), with Adrian, Corporate lawyer for the Hus.