comp2Healing, teaching and transformation are three faces of one compassionate, skillful and wise intent. This intent is the common motive of HUTM that we will enact specifically:
• by awakening healing in individuals, one by one, so each may re-experience happiness and wholeness;
• by teaching the Asian arts of compassionate healing, including acupuncture and Oriental medicine, so that our family of healers and practitioners may bring health and ease throughout the world; and,
• by transforming the root causes of disease and suffering within the greater context of society, environment and spirit so that all beings may re-experience the unobstructed joy of living.

In support of the Mission, Han University will:
• Provide quality, diverse academic and clinical training to prepare ethical professional Asian medical practitioners possessing the skills to continue learning.
• Provide affordable quality clinical services to the public, utilizing the many Asian healing systems.
• Offer Continuing Education in both new and time honored Asian healing systems and methods.
• Increase public and allied health care awareness of the principles and practices of Asian medical systems.
• Support the development of high standards and professionalism in Asian medicine throughout our profession, the public, and allied health care.
• Promote effective, comprehensive, and compassionate health care by integrating Asian medical practices with other healing modalities.

Integrity and Ethics: Han University is built upon integrity and a strong Code of Ethics. Clear and respectful communication between faculty, staff, and students is encouraged and honored.

Students as Priority: Our students are the focal point of our programs. Class sizes are small, fostering understanding of complex concepts and academic connection between students and faculty.

Excellence in Education: Our students have maintained a 100% passage rate on the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine examination.

Research Affiliations: The University of Arizona and Han University have partnered to conduct Traditional Chinese Medicine research.

Educational Affiliations: Han University has an ongoing academic and clinical relationship with the University of Arizona ‘s Program in Integrative Medicine.

Community Clinic: Our Community Clinic provides high quality Traditional Chinese Medicine to the public, and provides a diverse and comprehensive clinical internship for our students.

Consciousness in Service: Our Mission supports the evolution of consciousness. We believe that healing, teaching, and transformation are three faces of compassionate, skillful, and wise intent. We are committed to providing programs that evolve and grow with the student body, the community, and the profession at large.