Han University of Traditional Medicine teaches the heart of Chinese Medicine. Our students reflect the heart of diversity of the Southwest with representation from the health care field as doctors, practicing nurses, massage therapists, teachers, and counselors of varying modalities. All are studying to enhance their current practices. Other students are new to healthcare with the purpose of furthering their journey in self healing with intent to assist in healing others through traditional Chinese Medicine. Although there are many differences in how we came to Han University we all feel deeply connected through our passion and commitment to absorbing the art of traditional Chinese Medicine.

The newly elected student council is developing our direction for the coming year with many ideas that will continue to enrich our experiences here at HUTM and take advantage of our diverse backgrounds. For example, we would like to create a virtual community to provide even more opportunity for information sharing among students at all levels. Today it is not uncommon to find a group of students at all levels in the library discussing opportunities in the community, sharing learning tools, the latest information about course offerings, recent studies, books, or journals, dietary therapy,  and their lives too.

Other ideas include community outreach opportunities for students to provide education about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and developing a library of student resources and talents.

The best way to describe our students would be words like collaborative, compassionate, aware, committed, and engaged. The students reflect these attributes in many ways as does the staff and faculty. We are all colleagues in learning the heart of Chinese Medicine.