$187 per didactic credit ($17 per hour, 11 hours=1 credit)
$75.00 per didactic credit to audit a class
$17.00 per hour for clinical training
$150.00 Application Fee (non-refundable) ($300 For International Student)
$35.00 Quarterly registration fee
$30.00 annual student association fee
$5.00 library fee per quarter
$25.00 comprehensive exam fee (first year and graduate exams) or challenge exam fee
$25.00 Herbal Comprehensive Exam fee (M.A.O.M. only)
$5.00 transcript fee
$8.00 fee per day for late payment of tuition to a maximum of $100.00
$10.00 for late registration fee
$10.00 fee for taking an Incomplete or an Add/Drop
$15.00 fee for returned checks
$300.00 annual insurance fee as an intern
$150.00 Graduation fee
$100.00 SEVIS fee (For International Students Only)
Credit Card fee: incrementally applied at $2.00 per $100.00 charged for tuition, books and Clinic Insurance

Total cost of tuition for the three-year Master of Acupuncture degree is $43,690.
Total cost of tuition for the three and a half year Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree is $52,700.

The estimated cost for textbooks over the 3 year period is approximately $1200.