comp4The community clinic is an integral part of the Masters level programs offered by Han University of Traditional Medicine. As part of their extensive educational program, students must complete at least 850 hours of clinical internship under the direct supervision of a State of Arizona licensed acupuncturist. For all clinics, patients are seen and treated by a Student Intern who is guided and supervised by an Arizona licensed acupuncture professional.

The treatment room is a private space where your history, questions, and aspirations are discussed. When you arrive for the initial visit, it is usually about an hour and a half and includes an extensive intake and treatment. Other modalities such as acupressure, local massage and heat application may also be employed. Follow up visits are usually about an hour. During the session the client remains clothed and lies comfortably on a treatment table where an average of 10 disposable needles are gently and strategically placed in the body for about 20 minutes. Acupuncture is very relaxing and rarely is there discomfort.

Many times two Student Interns will attend to the client’s needs. They may also be accompanied by a first year Student Observer. This tiered progression offers the best means of introducing and training students with the needed skills required to practice acupuncture and Oriental medicine safely and effectively.